Winch Attachment

The Brevini gear box includes a spring applied wet brake. The brake is released automatically when the winch control is activated in extend or retract.

• Rope speed at 20mtrs/min
• The PTO direction control in the Jug-A-O will be used to control speed and direction.
• Rope guide rollers fitted
• The winch is fitted with a dog clutch so the rope can be spooled off in the free wheel position.
• The MIS plate may be moved – 3 positions
• Remote gauge to indicate line pressure
• Training material supplied

Mount type: Quick detach plate
Wire rope specification: 16mm plasma rope – u bolt anchor – crimp thimble
Drum dimension: (as per Fenner Dunlop winch as requested)
Free wheel arrangement: Lever operated dog clutch
Max motor speed @ max torque @150lpm: 2000 rpm
Max motor torque @ 180 bar: 180 nm
Max static load on bearing and gear box: 100kn
Gear box ratio: 125:1
Braking effort: 35000 nm
Drum speed @ max torque: 16rpm
Drum torque maximum: 19000 nm
Rope velocity @400mm diameter: 20mtr/min
Rope velocity @ 700 mm diameter: 35 mtr/min
Max line pull: 98.1 kn
Drum bearing type: Roller bearing greasable
Rope speed: 20 metres per minute
Brake type: Failsafe oil immersed