Transmission Dyno Upgrade

Transmission Dyno

Transmission Dyno

Along with our capabilities to supply service exchange components, repair and overhaul customer components Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd has the most sophisticated and modern Transmission Dyno testing facility in the market today. 

The 900C AIDCO test cell is capable of testing any DANA/Caterpillar model transmissions, torque converters, gear pumps, vane pumps, hydrostatic pumps and hydraulic motors, cylinders, and valves. Capable of the detecting shift points and mechanical binding, identifying vibrations, diagnosing and locating leaks, and measuring pressure and flow, clutch leakage and output torque, our test cell is one of the most comprehensive hydraulic testing tools on the market.

With the windows based computerised data acquisition system the unit is capable of monitoring and recording speeds, torque, pressures, temperatures, flow rates and shifts events.

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