Superchargers – TE



At Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd , we have designed and engineered our own range of superchargers tailored for the underground diesel industry.superchargers

Utilising the latest Twin Vortices technology, our superchargers are a roots-type positive displacement supercharger delivering more power and torque for uncompromising, diesel powered mining.

The Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd improved noise and vibration characteristics eliminate additional noise-reduction treatments, complexity and system cost.

The improvements incorporated into the design allow for the use of a smaller supercharger, reducing the package size and weight of the system. The sizes range from 1900cc to 2300cc per revolution and all Torque Enterprises pty Ltd superchargers have a 2.4 pressure ratio capability and a thermal efficiency that exceeds 70 percent, which enables more compact packaging and greater output.


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