Spare Parts

Torque enterprises Pty Ltd spare parts division is located in the industrial estate in Paget QLD within close proximity of both NQX and Toll Ipec dispatch yards for ease of freight despatch and pick up. The NSW warehouse is ideally located centrally to Newcastle’s industrial hub for convenient delivery and pickup of parts and components for the coal mining industry. Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd is specialising in but not limited to the supply of parts and components for the popular JUG-A-0 Utility Vehicle/Loader and the Driftrunner range of vehicles. With a wealth of experience in these vehicles at our disposal Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd will be able to get the parts you require in the best time frame possible.

“The spacious warehouse allows the QLD operation to hold a large range of stock on the shelf for shorter delivery times”

Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd specialises in the supply of service exchange drivetrain components to suit the JUG-A-0, Driftrunner and Eimco machines. With stocks of Front (278 & 211) axles and Rear (171 & 111) axles, 18,000 & 20,000 Series Driftrunner & PJB transmissions, JUG-A-0 & ED7 Transmissions & Converters, JUG-A-0 and Eimco ED7 Posi Stop Brake Units located in both QLD and NSW allowing you to get your vehicles back on the road faster with less down time.

Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd stocks a full range of suspension components to suit both the G & F Series Driftrunner vehicles. Range consists of a set of complete G & F Series chassis rails and all bolt on components, Trailing arms, suspension saddles, cross members, front and rear bumpers in both standard style or to suit
rubber bump pads, Bumperetts to suit F series in both styles also. Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd can also supply service exchange Driftrunner axles complete with suspension arms, bushes, spring mounts etc to save the service guys in the field hours in change out time, getting your vehicles back to work faster.

Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd can also supply all your general spare parts for your underground machinery as well including such items as Driftrunner engine mounts, Safety Circuit valving, Gauges, Perkins engine parts, Hino engine parts, JUG-A-0 Pins & Pushes etc. We can also do service kits from 50hr to 2000hr Code D kits to suit your needs or requirements. With the high usage of Driveline components servicing our stock service exchange components we can also
offer very competitive pricing on all your driveline internal components if your workshop wishes to carry out their own repairs


Torque Enterprises also can assist with 3D Design & EngineeringHeavy Equipment/Underground Components, Crane Hire, Transmission Dyno Testing, Service Exchange and product research and development. Contact us today.