Research and Development

Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd has three (3) Directors who all play a critical role in the research and development within the company, contributing over 70 years combined experience. The directors lead formidable teams consisting of more than 20 qualified Design Engineers, Fitters and Boilermakers.
Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd is investing in the future development of our products, processes and services by diversifying operations on a National and International Scale. Our Innovation is what sets Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd apart from our competitors allowing our network of clients the absolute best in advanced environmentally sound and economical products and services. TE is currently in the process of securing our ISO 9001 (QMS) Accreditation allowing us to show our continued commitment to our clients with guaranteed quality assurance in our products, processes and services.



Currently we are investing in the product development of the Underground Utility Vehicle which will be custom build to client requirements. It has been designed for easy serviceability and ease of separation of the front and rear frame. TE has ensured it has very low maintenance and guaranteed reliability. This vehicle will have our own ExDES Package which in turn will guarantee our clients even more savings


Torque Enterprises also can assist with 3D Design & EngineeringHeavy Equipment/Underground Components, Crane Hire, Transmission Dyno Testing, and Service Exchange. Contact us today.