Explosion Protected Diesel Engine Design Reg


The Torque Enterprises Explosion Protected Diesel Engine Package now has NSW Design Registration.  We are excited about the possibilities for repowers and new products in NSW as well as increasing the number of units in QLD.

The five engine systems that are in service in Qld continue to clock up hours.  The hours run range from 1950 to 200.  The latest machine to be recommissioned with a Torque Enterprises Ex DES Engine Package was a Sandvik LS151 at Ensham Resources in December 2015. This was done at our NATA Accredited service facility at Paget QLD.

 Explosion Protected Diesel Engine Repower

By installing the TE Ex DES Engine package, the following design features are included

  • Mechanical Fuel Injection
  • Naututech Methane System
  • Electronic Exhaust Gas Temperature and Coolant Temperature Monitoring and Shutdown
  • Cast Inlet Manifold
  • Closed Joint Inlet Flame Trap
  • Closed Join Exhaust Flame Trap
  • Billet Exhaust Manifold
  • Engine Cooling and Exhaust Cooling using (X1) Radiator)
  • Improved Access for Servicing and Cleaning