Mackay Engineering

The move to a brand new facility has allowed Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd to now have the engineering and design capacity to make any type of machine component. Over 60 years of combined experience has given Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd the knowledge and ability to design, develop and deliver products ranging from one off designs through to large scale production orders.


Using the latest in CAD software Creo 3 (formerly known as Pro.E), components and complete assemblies are created as solid models prior to manufacturing. This translates to product refinement for improved function and reduces costs in the initial stages of design.


Drawings are created with a thorough understanding of how parts are manufactured and are detailed accordingly. Each drawing has a 3D image to help with part interpretation. Assembly drawings have a detailed BOM (Bill of Materials), and an exploded view to accurately represent the build, enabling efficient ordering and manufacturing.


Combining mould design experience with the flexibility and power of the software used, Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd design can create sand-cast patterns, core boxes for blown-sand cores, carbon fibre moulds, and vacuum-forming tools. A history of dealing directly with foundries offers the distinct advantage of understanding the requirements and processes used, culminating in the production of quality patterns and moulds, incorporating a variety of materials from tooling boards to fast-cast resins.

Torque Enterprises also can assist with 3D Design & EngineeringHeavy Equipment/Underground Components, Crane Hire, Transmission Dyno Testing, Service Exchange and product research and development. Contact us today.