Aluminium Welding

Aluminium Welding

Aluminium Welding in Mackay

Torque Enterprises can meet all of your aluminium welding needs and more.

Our fully equipped workshop has state of the art equipment including:
– 2 x 12.5 Tonne overhead cranes
– 176 tonne x 4 metre press
– 3 metre guillotine
– Punch & shears
– Semi automatic bandsaw
– New MIG/TIG welders.

Aluminium is a lightweight, soft, low strength metal which can easily be cast, forged, machined, formed and welded. Unless alloyed with specific elements, it is suitable only in low temperature applications. Aluminium is readily joined by welding, brazing, and soldering. In many instances, aluminium is joined with the conventional equipment and techniques used with other metals. However, specialized equipment or techniques may sometimes be required. The alloy, joint configuration, strength required, appearance, and cost are factors dictating the choice of process. Each process has certain advantages and limitations.

Torque Enterprises also can assist with 3D Design & EngineeringHeavy Equipment/Underground Components, Crane Hire, Transmission Dyno Testing, Service Exchange and product research and development. Contact us today.