Machinery Overhaul/Repairs

Torque Enterprises can perform Machinery Overhaul/Repairs to a large range of UG equipment, including JUG-A-0, Coaltram, Eimco, Driftrunner, PJB, FBR and more. Having a state of the art workshop and fully qualified team at our Paget workshop. TE is NATA Accredited and can perform code D Mechanicals and equipment repair, all the way up to full engine and safety system retrofits with our Explosion Protected Supercharged Diesel Engine. Many benefits of the Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd engine package such as:-

  • Mechanical Fuel Injection
  • Naututech Methane System
  • Electronic Exhaust Gas Temperature and Coolant Temperature Monitoring and Shutdown
  • Cast Inlet Manifold
  • Closed Joint Inlet Flame Trap
  • Closed Join Exhaust Flame Trap
  • Billet Exhaust Manifold
  • Engine Cooling and Exhaust Cooling using (X1) Radiator)
  • Improved Access for Servicing and Cleaning

Ensham Coaltram Repowered